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A thank you from Thomas Stahl, Founder and CEO of Stoddart Creek Water

I am most humbled and excited to announce, Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc has been chosen as the winner for the 2021 Foresight BCCleantech Community Impact Award! As founder & CEO of Stoddart Creek Water I would like to start off by saying - "It is not my victory alone, as there were many who supported and contributed so I could achieve my goals".

As CEO my intention with this news release is to thank all parties involved;

Local Government(s) & Health Authorities for their efforts in processing our applications. Financial Institutions, Investors & Lenders - for working with us through a challenging startup, for your patience & believing in my vision, placing trust, even though I had previously not been involved in design nor operations of a public water utility or led a startup to this scale. Thank you to all service providers onsite & behind the scenes, during design, construction & commissioning stages - I realize at times I made your lives quite hectic as I placed huge expectations on you so we could meet our goal dates. Thank you for your patience & guidance as I learned and grew to fill the shoes, and I apologize for any times where I may have pushed boundaries, it was my intent to push beyond the norm toward a greater cause. A big THANK YOU to our local commercialized potable water haulers who use our water dispensing services daily, as well to the raving local rural-residential Domestic water users who use our water dispensing services directly or support our cause indirectly by requesting Stoddart's water through a potable water hauler of choice - your understanding, patience and trust in me as I've transitioned Stoddart Creek Water to adapt in these economic times, is remarkable. Thank you. Last but not least, I extend a special thank you to the coaches & mentors who acted as a sounding board and who work with me directly on a day-to-day basis. You've answered calls & emails at any given hour guiding me, strengthened me as a leader & solopreneur. There were times I questioned if I should stop, call it my best, but you pushed, coaxed me ONWARDS - this culture I promise to keep alive and pass on as I grow as a leader while Stoddart Creek Water evolves. Special thank you to the team with Community Futures Peace Liard for nominating Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc. Thank you to the partners & team members at Foresight for selecting Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc as the winner for the 2021 BCCleantech Community Impact Award, and for all the efforts you put forward to mentor and showcase BC'S Cleantech entrepreneurs - You Rock!

Click this news link for a full list of the 2021 Foresight BCCleantech Award Winners (Foresight Press Release): Vote for Stoddart Creek Water - Best Solopreneur & Best Community Impact for the upcoming 2021 Small Business BC nominations: Onwards - Towards a Sustainable Future,

Thomas H Stahl

Founder, CEO


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