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Bulk Water Dispensing

  • Stoddart Creek Water provides potable water dispensing services to rural residents who haul their own potable water for domestic use, agriculture, and to commercial steam trucks and ComboVac trucks.

Bulk Water Delivery Services

  • Stoddart Creek Water provides a dependable water delivery service to plant sites, camps and remote locations in the resource sector 

RO-Permeate Water
and Delivery

  • Stoddart Creek Water produces and delivers Demineralized RO-Permeate water used for applications such as gas sweeting, makeup or process water, for amine systems, boilers, cooling towers, blending, piping and plant site flushing.



Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc.

At Stoddart Creek Water we approach water treatment with the highest recognized industry standard which provides us the ability to produce several high quality grades of water. Our water treatment plant is designed to produce Reverse Osmosis water for potable domestic use and a grade of high purity Demineralized-Reverse Osmosis Water used for specialty type applications.

Our Bulk Water Dispensing Station offers the latest water dispensing technology to our clients, with ease of prepayment to top up credit balance on account and our Simcom terminal emails a fill receipt upon completion of every water fill transaction. Our bulk water station is open 24/7, offering customers (1) 2" direct connect (male camlock) ground load line for smaller residential customers and (2) separate loading bays with 3" overhead load lines to provide quick load turn around times for both residential and commercial water haulers.


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Stoddart Creek Water Services Inc.

14472 Stoddart Creek RD

Montney, B.C. V1J 8L6


Bulk Water Dispensing Station

14414 Stoddart Creek Road

Montney, BC, V0C 1Y0

Water Station Hours: Open 24 / 7 for your convenience!

Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Mon - Fri

Closed weekends and statutory holidays.

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