How we serve our clients

Our approach to bulk water dispensing offers the latest innovative technology. Providing clients unmatched customer service with ease of prepayment, 24/7 access, faster loading times, grades of potable and demineralized water and with receipts emailed upon completion of every fill transaction.


Our bulk water dispensing station offers (2) 3" overhead load lines for potable water, (1) 3" overhead load line for demineralized water and (1) 2" for potable Water.

Words from Industry Professionals

“Stoddart Creek Water Services followed a adequate permitting process by working closely with Northern Health’s Environmental Department prior to constructing a water system under the Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulations. Today their diligent and persistent Team proudly utilizes a Water Operating Permit for a water system that provides safe and potable drinking water that is accessible to the residents of the Peace River Regional District.”

Northern Health.

“At Canature WaterGroup we strive to produce and design the most efficient products in the water conditioning industry. When Thomas came to us, with the Stoddart Creek Water Utility Project, and described his vision for water reuse of the backwash water from the plant, it made us excited to see someone who's water use goals, to reduce and/or reuse water, mirror our own.”

Canature Watergroup.

“As a rural property owner in a region of limited water resources, along with being a steward of freshwater in the ground water industry for over Thirty years; we know first hand the importance of a sustainable Potable water supply.”

Simon Wolford; Carbon Mountain Drilling.

“We understand the importance of sustainability in potable water treatment and are happy to have partnered with such a passionate person as Thomas.”

Bartle Gibson.

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